About Us

We specialize in restoring your classic and collector vehicle to its original glory as well as provide professional paint, collision and bodywork services.  You can rest assured the shop owner is personally looking after your vehicle because we are an independent auto body facility.

Story of the Owner

John Blouin grew up doing body work with his father and started doing cars in public school for friends and neighbours. In highschool, John completed work on cars for people at night and weekends to start earning money. He has worked various jobs with different types of machinery and then started working in a body shop doing rust repairs and major collision work at age 17 in Toronto.

In 1990, John moved to Ottawa to work at a few more autobody shops to start restoring cars from start to finish. John started his own business in 1999 with a good clientelle already built up by doing jobs on the side for approximately 10 years.

John also owns Blouin Guitars where he creates custom guitars. He has begun to explore building custom guitars for clients to match their custom cars.

Framework of Blouin Autobody

Blouin Autobody has now been in business for 13 years. Our clients are actively involved in the restoration process, which includes guidance and support on work they perform, part advice and recommendations, and providing pictures throughout process.